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RidePro 4WD Suspensions

L & P Mackin specialize in competition RidePro setups for all 4WD Vehicles and have several Nissan GQ - GU Patrols competing with excellent results and reliability. These suspension kits raise the vehicle increasing suspension travel and those vehicles with limited suspension space RidePro offer a range of smaller bodied shockers featuring a 35mm bore and piston with a 54mm OD body. RidePro heavy duty big bore shock obsorbers features 60mm OD body with steel stone guards for protection, 41mm large bore and piston holds up to 20% more oil than many similar products on the market, greatly reducing the risk of fade under harsh conditions. "Our kits are tailored to suit your load & application requirements"
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L & P Mackin & RidePro "Experts In Off-Road Suspensions"

  1. Function
  2. Performance
  3. Quality
  4. Durability
  5. Towing

RidePro Suspension systems have been designed and extensively tested in Australia to suit the World Wide 4WD market. The RidePro Suspension range has been developed to provide the best available products creating a selection of 4WD suspension components to give you the best ride available ether towing or Off-Road competing.

Product Range

  1. Shockers with Hydraulic Lock System
  2. Coil & Leaf Springs
  3. Steering Dampers with 9-stage velocity sensitive valving
  4. Torsion Bars & Sway Bars
  5. Polyurethane Bushes
  6. Hardware including U-bolts, Shackles, Anchor Pins & Fitting Kits to suit all 4WD applications
RidePro’s Hydraulic Lock System
Img1290w.jpg One major problem with shock absorbers in extreme 4WD conditions is ‘topping out’ at full extension of the shocker. This can lead to noisy operation and premature failure of the shocker. RidePro has overcome this problem by drilling radial & axial holes in the piston rod. Oil flows through these holes into the rebound valve to control the damping forces. When the shocker gets near its full extension the valves are closed off, leaving a small amount of oil between the piston & the rod guide. The system has the advantage of not reducing the shocker’s travel and has no nylon parts that can melt under the extremes of Four Wheel Driving.
RidePro offers a 2-year/40,000 km warranty {whichever comes first} conditions apply…...

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Contact L & P Mackin for your RidePro components brochure and also check out the latest range of apparel available.